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age 2 - 3 years
size 12 seats

The young preschooler builds on basic concepts viz. counting, letter and number recognition and phonemic awareness.

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age 3 - 4 years
size 20 seats

The threshold of holistic journey starts here.

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Junior KG

age 4 - 5 years
size 25 seats

Kindergarten child strengths his/her areas of socio-emotional, physical, mathematical, reasoning, science and creative developments.

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Senior KG

age 5 - 6 years
size 18 seats

Program prepares your child for the next exciting chapter in his/her educational career promotion to the formal school.

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Day Care

age 2 - 10 years
size 22 seats

Takshila Cradles is the daycare program where children stay after their school hours.

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age 18 - 24 months
size 27 seats

The program encourages a toddler to explore, question and discover using age appropriate materials and activities.

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